Oct 29

Five Reasons You Want to Live in Atlanta

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Between TV fans’ adoration of The Real Housewives series and the city’s growth as a major international destination, Atlanta is the very definition of southern charm meets urban chic. The ninth largest city in the U.S. now boasts the world’s most busy airport, maintaining the hustle and bustle of Georgia’s largest metropolis, which keeps the area brimful of colorful personalities. There are thousands of reasons to want to move into the Atlanta area; here are just five.

  • Southern hospitality. If you’re in the midst of a property search Atlanta Georgia residents will likely come out of the woodwork to offer you a cold drink and a conversation. Southern hospitality in the ATL is legendary, and its emphasis on community makes it a great place for families.
  • Fantastic food. Along with lux dining options in high-class establishments, foodies can enjoy the local cuisine, which incorporates a healthy dose of seafood, as well as traditional Southern fare, like barbecued meats, corn on the cob, grits and fried chicken. And the state’s official fruit – the peach – is hugely popular as well.
  • Low cost of living. Of course, there are plenty of millionaires who call Atlanta home, but the vast majority appreciates the city’s easy-going cost of living, whether it’s housing, daily necessities or even downtown parking.
  • Exciting career opportunities. There are tons of businesses who call Atlanta home – over a dozen Fortune 500 companies alone – plus universities and hospitals which require staff, making it a city for career opportunities and growth.
  • Accessible public transportation. Called MARTA, Atlanta’s heavy rail conveniently ferries people from one side of the city to the other, making it a beloved method of public transportation which any true Atlanta would defend with his or her last breath.

While relocating to a new city can be stressful, Atlanta is the type of city that most people are more than happy to call home.